Fuel - X Clear X* - The Sickness Must End (Vinyl)

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  1. Dec 14,  · If the stain remains, mix some detergent with hot water in the bucket. Use the hottest water that the vinyl can safely tolerate. Use a sponge or soft cloth moistened with the mixture to gently wipe it away. Moisten a cloth or cotton balls with dry cleaning fluid and rub it over the area. Rinse thoroughly with a cloth moistened with clean water.
  2. Dec 05,  · Fuel line is a petroleum-resistant nitrile tube with a covering that resists weathering, ozone and heat and can be used for ethanol-laced fuels and diesel fuel. It should, however, not be used on coolant systems, oil systems or fuel-injection systems that produce pressures higher than 50 psi.
  3. ALSCO has the largest selection of Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Harvel Clear PVC Pipe & Fittings available online. We ship most orders the same day. Sch 40 & 80 Clear PVC plastic pipe is the best way to ad completely transparent plastic piping to your system. The interior surface of Clear PVC Pipe is smooth and permits maximum flow rates without the accumulation of sediment.
  4. Additionally, please note that (as with any returned item) the tubing must be free of ANY cuts, signs of use, compound debris, etc. and must be dry without spots or stains. We can only accept returns of tubing that has never been cut/altered and is in perfect resalable condition. Q. "I need to adapt pipe thread (3/4") to vinyl tubing (3/4").

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