Graduation Ball Pas De Deux - Johann Strauss Jr., Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra - Graduation Ball (Vinyl)

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  1. Johann Strauss II, ‘the Waltz King,’ a composer famous for his Viennese waltzes and operettas. His most famous single composition is An der schonen blauen Donau (; The Blue Danube), the main theme of which became one of the best-known tunes in 19th-century music.
  2. “The pas de deux is an essential element of classical ballet: the moment when the principal couple’s relationship finds expression in an extended dance. London Symphony Orchestra/André Previn (Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Graduation Ball by Johann Strauss Jr. Conductor: Sir Charles Mackerras Orchestra.
  3. Dec 18,  · At Johann Strauss Ball, the glamorous the opening will be performed by lovely dancers,who thereby mark the official beginning of the evening. The dancers will be accompanied by the renowned Salonorchestra “Alt Wien”, which is known as one .
  4. Johann Strauss, Jr. is the first truly well-known composer in those classical genres particular to his hometown, the Viennese waltz and Viennese operetta. The Blue Danube Waltz is not only the most popular of his works in the former category, but is among the most widely played and arranged pieces of its time, known to the most casual listener today from many radio, film and television uses of it.
  5. Another veteran conductor from the ballet pits, Antal Dorati directs a sinewy, frenetic Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra in the Gaite Parisienne and the Graduation Ball numbers. For once, a full symphony orchestra actually sounds like a pit band -- and you really do feel like you're experiencing an actual ballet performance. Dorati himself /5(9).
  6. The school is hosting a ball for the neighbouring boys, military cadets, under the supervision of the headmistress. The French conductor Roger Désormière arranged not just music by Johann Strauss – leading with ‘The Blue Danube’ – but also music by Johann Strauss I and Josef Strauss, father and brother, respectively, of Johann Strauss II.
  7. JOHANN STRAUSS II ( - ) The eldest son of Johann Strauss, and not intended by his father for a career in music, Johann Strauss the younger nevertheless established an unrivalled reputation throughout the second half of the 19th century as a composer and purveyor of light Viennese music.
  8. Johann Strauss Ball On 13 th of February , Kursalon will open its doors for the 15th annual Johann Strauss Ball. The glamourous ball opening will be directed by the classical Orchestra “Alt Wien” and accompanied by one of Vienna’s famous dancing schools.

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