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  1. Bringdown definition, a disappointment or disillusionment; letdown: It was quite a bringdown to find myself running last in the mayoral race. See more.
  2. Also in May, an issue of Rolling Stone featured a concert review and analysis of Cream by Jon Landau. Unlike his contemporaries in the music press, Landau was critical of Cream, and Clapton in particular. "Clapton is a master of the blues clichés of all the post World War II .
  3. bringdown. 1. A cause of sadness or melancholy. Getting dumped by my boyfriend was a real bring-down. Geez, that documentary about the environment was a bringdown, huh? 2. A disappointment. I thought our movie was going to be a great success, but the box office numbers for opening weekend were a real bringdown.
  4. Goodbye (also called Goodbye Cream) is the fourth and final studio album by Cream, with three tracks recorded live, and three recorded in the folgphotamidnewsmaxsoundwarlelimale.coinfo was released in Europe by Polydor Records and by Atco Records in the United States, debuting in Billboard on 15 February It reached number one in the United Kingdom and number two in the US. A single, "Badge", was subsequently released.
  5. bring down 1. Literally, to bring something from a high or elevated position to a lower point. If you're going upstairs, can you bring down another dish towel for me? They won't bring down the volume when I ask nicely, so I'm calling the cops! 2. To make someone sad or worsen their mood. In this usage, a pronoun is typically used between "bring" and.
  6. Aug 09,  · Bring down definition: When people or events bring down a government or ruler, they cause the government or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  7. What a bringdown! Winter leader Lou is growin' amp steads in the north Betty B's been wearin' daisies since the twenty-fourth Wears a gunner when there's one more coming forth And you know what you know in your head Will you? Won't you? Do you? Don't you wanna go to bed? What a bringdown! There's a tea-leaf about in the family Full and nothin' of fairy tale.

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